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Model: PS3
Load Capacity: 75 - 200g
Comaptibility: For All Smartphone, GoPro Hero5/4, Session action cameras, for Yi 4K, for SJCAM, for EKEN, for APEMAN, for AKASO and Other action cameras with similar Size
Tilting Angle: 325°
Rolling Angle: 180°
Panning Angle: 330°
Tilting Increments: 2°/s~75°/s (min.~max.)
Panning Increments: 3°/s~150°/s (min.~max.)
Usage Time: 12 hours at one time (fully charged)
Item Weight: 423g

SOOCOO PS3 3 Axis Gimbal

SKU: 14101011010
S$140.00 Regular Price
S$100.00Sale Price
  • Using bluetooth to connect to your phone. All operation you can do on the stabilizer. (take picture, record video, zoom control, face tracking) Easy and convient way to help you record the wonderful moment.
    By rotating its unique follow focus handwheel, you can smoothly zoom in/out the footage and create more diverse images. After pressing the follow focus button, the handwheel will turn into a follow focus controller, where you can control the focus manually, helping you achieve high-precision focus changes in real time to create creative shots, and creating more unprecedented experience of smooth operation.
    SOOCOO Gimbal Stabilizer can realize higher precision for object tracking with freer angle settings along all three axes. You can frame the object you want to track on the screen, and the stabilizer can do the rest. It can run for 12 hours in a row. The stabilizer can be charged by portable power source and the phone can be charged by the stabilizer via USB port on tilt axis.
    Designed with a slider on its control panel and a trigger button on its back, to easily recognize and switch between different gimbal modes to reduce the inconvenience of constant needs for touching the screen. You can control all parameters of phone camera, including resolution ratio, exposure compensation etc.